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How laser tattoo removal works

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Come in for a FREE consultation with one of our Certified Laser Technicians. We use a Medlite C6 Hoya Con Bio machine to create a subdermal burn in your skin that breaks apart the foundation of ink into smaller pieces. Your body can then absorb and filter out, effectively lightening the area both immediately and gradually as it heals


Kick back and watch Netflix, or listen to music in a relaxed, clean environment with artists and fun people. This is not your typical stuffy doctor’s office. Anything black and silver dollar sized starts at $75 per session; larger pieces depend on size, colors and location. Feel free to swing by for a free consultation where we can give you a quote.  The procedure itself with prep can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes on most small to medium-sized tattoos. While it typically hurts more than getting a tattoo we provide a chiller and offer topical ointments to reduce the pain. It has been equated to a bunch of rubber bands hitting the skin. Once the treatment has concluded there will be immediate and gradual results. A white layer called frosting will dissipate within an hour, and while it heals for the next 8-9 weeks and even after the ink will continue to lighten up. Generally using hydrocortisone cream, and keeping it clean and dry results in the best aftercare. Sometimes blisters will form, but these are not problematic as long as they’re left alone and heal on their own. DO NOT POP BLISTERS. Popping them can cause scarring and problematic healing.



This is the client before


1 laser removal treatment

After first session


2-4 laser removal treatments

mostly tough spots. at descretion of tattooer. 


Final coverup

Wo hoo!

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